Plastic Alternatives

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Plastic Alternatives

Plastic in itself is fantastic allowing us to make so many things such as bags, containers, etc. Plastic as the disposable has harmed the nature terribly. It takes 1000's of years for the plastic to degrade. It means the first plastic made still exist somewhere in the environment.

Alternative to Plastic Disposables

1. Paper bags and paper boxes are the popular alternatives to the plastic containers we're using.
2. Cornstarch containers and PLA bags are the latest entry in the disposable market which is biodegradable.
3. Paper straws and Bamboo straws can replace the plastic straws
4. Kullad which is also now as the clay cup is used to drink tea

Are Plastic Alternatives expensive?

Yes, most of the alternatives available to the plastic are expensive. Paper raw material, in general, is costly than the plastic. But, over the years this cost difference has dropped significantly. We must understand our responsibility towards nature and should think towards biodegradable packaging solutions.