Plastic Container Wholesale

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Plastic container wholesale

Plastic containers are being traditionally used to pack and deliver a large selection of food items to the customer. They are tried and tested packaging material which gets the job done. We deal in a variety of plastic containers across India. Simply browse, compare, and but plastic containers with us at PIRSQ.COM at the best price.

Plastic container - Budget Friendly & Reliable

The plastic containers are very cheap and reliable as compared to their alternatives. These containers are easily available in many colour, shapes, and sizes. The plastic containers with the lid are spillproof and are used to pack curries and sauces. These containers can be easily stacked one over another and can take some rough handling making them the packaging experts.

Why Plastic container wholesale?

We mostly supply minimum one box for the regular sized containers which have usually 600 to 900 pieces which can be easily consumed by most of the restaurants in a week or two. This allows us to provide better pricing than retailers and delivery at your doorstep.

We keep stocks for our regular clients enabling us in providing better customer service.