Plastic Meal Trays

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Buy Plastic Tray Online at Best Prices in India

Indian meals are an extensive affair, with several curries and multiple dishes. Serving such meals outdoors can be cumbersome and may require more than one disposable. Our collection of disposable meal trays featuring multiple compartments are the best alternative for this. These meal trays are ideal for food joints, cloud kitchens, etc. for takeaway and dine-in.

Plastic Trays - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

We are the leading supplier of good quality meal trays across India and maintain stocks from 2 compartments to 5 compartment meal trays for our regular customers. The 8 compartment meal trays are supplied on an order basis. Most of the disposable trays are spillproof and have the ideal capacity.

Where can I buy a disposable plastic tray online in India?

With varieties of meal trays and disposable plates, PIRSQ offers a market with extensive variants in terms of compartments in the tray, shape, material, and property. This allows you to choose the best product suited to your needs, in the minimum amount of time, and at the best price.

Brown Paper Cover: Best Branding Solution for Meal Tray

We all know that customisation on a meal tray is very expensive because plastics are always expensive to customise. So we have the best and cheaper solutions for meal trays. You can use a brown paper cover that can be printed with your brand name and logo. A brown paper bag can customise as per your requirements with single colour printing. Now you can pack your meal in a disposable food tray and keep that meal tray inside the brown paper cover. It's a perfect combo! It's a cheaper and stylish branding solution for meal trays.