Toilet paper

Toilet Paper Industry - The PIRSQ Advantage

The toilet paper industry satiates our hygiene needs. From running out of paper wipes and looking for sustainable environmental options, PIRSQ's cheap toilet rolls ensure you take care of your daily needs without a hassle. Available at affordable prices, PIRSQ's tissue paper price is set at affordable rates which ensures you can buy tissue rolls bulk without burning a hole in your pocket.  The PIRSQ toilet tissue paper is smooth and hygienic. Wrapped carefully in compact packaging, our toilet paper roll bulk is disposable and ensures you get the best out of your daily essentials.

Whether you're wiping off your hands or need a jumbo roll toilet paper for your daily drying needs, our disposable cheap toilet rolls ensure you get an edge out of them.

Buy Toilet Paper Online in Bulk and Experience the Edge

Shopping for toilet paper rolls can be a cumbersome experience. From bargaining at supermarkets, manufacturing defects, stocks running out, and to-and-fro travel across distances, finding the best toilet paper can equate to a bejewel hunt outdoors. At PIRSQ, that is another story. From 24 X 7 customer service support, doorstep delivery, instant online checkouts, and different payment modes, you can shop for the best toilet paper completely online and experience none of those shopping related hassles. We supply toilet tissue paper across different cities, namely, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and New Delhi.

Some of the advantages of buying a toilet tissue paper roll at PIRSQ are:

•    Hygienic - Our toilet paper rolls are extremely absorbent and packaged with care. Light-weight and hygienic, they meet all your bathroom needs with their stringent manufacturing quality and biodegradable disposable design.

•    Disposable - Our toilet paper rolls are disposable and fit for 'one-time-use.' If you've ever wanted to do away with the hassle of cleaning up toilet papers and needed a one-stop disposable solution which you can use on the go, then our tissue paper rolls are the answer to your solution.

•    Bulk Ordering - We don't just sell toilet paper rolls individually. You can buy our toilet paper rolls in multiple sets of 100-pieces each and beyond!

•    Doorstep Delivery- Never leave your home again and experience the magic of online shopping with our doorstep delivery service across various cities in India. We deliver in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, and Pune, primarily.