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Butter Paper | W-10" X L-15"
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Product Description

Plain or Printed Butter Paper Sheet: Multipurpose

Butter paper sheets can be used in multiple ways. Let's talk about different ways of using butter paper sheets. When you are using a non-food grade box for packaging food, that time you can use a butter paper sheet to make a box food-grade & grease-proof. Next, butter paper sheets can be used to pack & wrap many food items like burgers, sandwiches, shawarma, chicken roll, samosa, kachori and more. When you are serving pizza on a pizza plate, you can also put a butter paper sheet on the pizza plate before keeping the pizza on a plate for a non-sticky surface.

Recommend Product: Butter Paper Sheet

If your customer has ordered multiple foods, then you can serve all items together by putting a plain or printed butter paper sheet on a food serving tray. Butter paper sheets can be plain or printed as per your requirements. These sheets are 100% food-safe and grease-proof. And butter paper can be also used for wrapping burgers and sandwiches. There are lots of other advantages of butter paper sheets.

Shipping Information

Shipping available at Bengaluru only

For orders outside Bengaluru additional courier charges will applied on top of the above mentioned prices

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Common questions about Butter Paper
  • Why are there additional delivery charges for orders outside Bengaluru?

    For orders outside Bengaluru we use our partner logistic services which incurs cost. If you have your own logistic solution then no additional charges will be applied and we'll deliver the order to your logistic partner anywhere at Bengaluru.

  • The size I am looking for Butter Paper isn't available on the website for Bengaluru?

    You can either go with closest size listed on the website or you have an option to go for customization but, order quantity would be on the higher side

  • Why is the pricing for some of the products are slightly higher than the Bengaluru market price?

    This can because of many variables such as quality, quantity, etc. We have two different qualities in paper box 1. Paper Box 1 2. Paper Box 2. One is cheaper & the other is slightly costly. In this case it's because of quality difference which incurs cost. Sometimes the vendors outside reduces the unit count from the pack in order to give competitive pricing & it's very difficult to count everything especially if it's a bulk order.

  • Do you maintain stock of Butter Paper ?

    No, we don't maintain stock of any product except Kullad/Kulhad at our Bnagalore and Jaipur office. Order is picked up from the manufacturer once you make the payment online.

  • I have an urgent order. What to do?

    If you have an urgent order then contact us. If the product is in stock with the manufacturer at Bengaluru then we'll try to deliver your order ASAP.

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