Zip Lock Pouches

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Premium in quality, Pirsq zip lock bags boast of many advantages:

GUARANTEED PROTECTION:  Ziplock covers offer a sealing, so there is no need to look for threads or rubber bands to close the opening.

EASE IN STORAGE:  Plastic zip lock bags, unlike plastic or steel containers, take very little space for they can be moulded or rolled.

INCREASE SHELF LIFE: These bags have a zip lock which means you can seal, use and seal again! This not only allows for a re-use but also keeps the items in good state.

EASY TO LOCATE: Zip lock covers are transparent or translucent. Translated that means, you’d not have to worry about opening every bag each time to check what’s inside.

EASY TO HOLD AND USE: zip lock pouches made of plastic are soft to hold and are very simple to use and re-use.

PRESERVES FRESHNESS AND NEWNESS: These bags are greatly beneficial in keeping dust and dirt at bay.

MEETS SAFETY STANDARDS: Food material that you take on different journeys can be kept safe for zip lock pouches are made of high-grade material.

LOOKS NEAT: You’d be amazed at how neat and orderly your teeny stuff can look when segregated and kept in plastic zipper bags.

MYRIAD SIZES: Pirsq knows that you have myriad needs and for this, it offers a plethora to choose from ranging from mini zip lock bags to zip lock pouches to Ziploc freezer bags etc.


Pirsq has its customers all around India and operates in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. Providing a 24/7 customer care facility, Pirsq has become a distinguished name in providing online packaging services. If customers are inept, Pirsq also provides aid in customization of packaging.

At Pirsq, personal needs are catered to, so customers always feel contented when it comes to services and the money parted with. Pirsq is where premium quality meets palatable deliverance. So, make haste and avail yourself of this lovely experience at Pirsq.