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Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Plates
The Areca leaf plates are 100% compostable can be called as the biodegradable plates.
There are first quality & second quality Areca Plates available in the market.
You should always go for the first quality areca plates as the plates are fresh, sturdy, and looks natural.
With the ban on plastics, the areca plates are one of the best options to switch.
The areca leaf plates look natural and present the eco-friendly images to the customer instantly.
The Areca plates are used to serve Pizza, Starters. For deliveries, wrap the plate with aluminum foil and tape it from the sides.
The areca products are easy to dispose of since its tree leaf.


How Areca Bowls Manufactured?
The areca leaves are gathered in the morning which is then brought to the facility.
These leaves are cleaned and then sorted based on the quality of the leaves.
The best leaves are used for the export and the other leaves are used for the domestic market.
The leaves are then given the shape of the plates using moulds.


What are the limitations of Areca Leaf Plates?
It takes some time to make an areca plates. The manufacturing process isn't fully automated.
The areca leaf has the life span of 6 months.
After 3-4 months the manufacturer sell the remaining stock in the market for the cheaper price and are called as the second quality areca plates.
The Areca plates are slightly expensive as compared to the other alternatives.
Its difficult to make the Areca products with the higher depth and there is more wastage with more depth.


Areca Plates Vs Plastic Plates
Plastic plates are very cheap as compared to the areca bowlsThe plastic plates are not compostable which makes them harmful if not recycled properly while the areca plates are made from the leaves which can biodegrade on its own.The areca plates take some time to be made while thousands of plastic plates are manufactured every minute.
The Areca plates has the lifespan of 6 months and the plastic has no expiry.
There are more options available in plastics which can be used for deliveries. The Areca Bowl with the lid is the only option available fro deliveries.
The plastic have no restriction on the shape of the plate or the bowl while the areca products have the depth limitation.