Biryani Packaging

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Biryani Packaging Box

Biryani is one of the most popular dishes across Bengaluru, Hyderabad. There are many restaurants in India which are famous for their Biryani and are looking for a packaging solution for the deliveries. Biryani in South is mostly served with the curd and the brinjal gravy. So you need to pack these gravies along with the biryani. And it's important Biryani stays hot and fresh at the time of delivery. Browse through the wide variety of food packaging solutions we have.

Biodegradable Packaging for Biryani

2. Areca container with lid along with silver foil pouch for gravy and raita

3. Terracotta/Clay pots for biryani

4. Bagasse bowls with the lid

5. Round paper container with the paper lid

Cheapest Packaging for Biryani

The cheapest packaging option available will be to pack the biryani and its gravies in separate silver foil pouches which can be kept inside the disposable bag or the packaging box at the time of the deliveries. Do note that there are silver foil pouches available in the market which are plastic with the silver colour. This is done to give the aluminium look to the pouch and many customers buy these pouches thinking they are buying aluminium pouches.