Carton Box

What is a Carton Box?
In the corrugated sheet, a wave-patterned sheet is sandwiched between the two layers of paper. The corrugated sheet provides cushioning and repels any outside force to some extent.  The extra protection of the box depends on the paper quality, size of the flute.
The corrugated sheets of different or the same size flute can be combined to achieve the additional protection to the carton box.
Why use the Corrugated Box?
The carton boxes are commonly used in the E-Commerce industry as the Tertiary packaging. The carton box provides extra protection to the product packed inside from the rough handling.
The carton boxes are used for food packaging. The E-Flute corrugated boxes are used to pack and deliver Cake boxes and the Pizza boxes.
Customize Packaging Boxes Online at Wholesale Price
We have a wide range of carton boxes available online. You choose from the regular size boxes, or we'll customize the carton boxes as per your requirement.
The minimum order quantity for the customization starts from 2,000 pieces. The order after the finalization of artwork design to be printed will take two weeks to be delivered.