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Chai Latte or Masala Chai?


As aforementioned, the chai tea latte consists of not just caffeine but a strange combination of spices as well. In fact, it is deemed that the famous chai latte has its origins in India. A peculiar assortment of caffeine, spices and sweeteners – which are then brewed in warm milk – is your chai tea latte. In India, we understand and know it as the “masala chai”. And it is not surprising that India actually gave birth to the masala chai since it is home to several exotic spices.


Chai Latte K cups


With online shopping or e-commerce becoming a norm in the 21st century, getting your hands on paper tea cups isn’t that tough. You could get disposable tea cups, white paper cups, printed paper cups and even disposable cups with lids. These cylindrical paper tea cups come in varying sizes from small, medium to large. And at Pirsq, you get these paper tea cups in different designs as well.

You get paper tea cups with handles, disposable paper cups with lids and you can also get these paper coffee cups wholesale. All the chai tea latte k cups come in either multi-coloured designs or in plain colours. The disposable paper cups ensure that you don’t have to worry about extra storage in your kitchen. They’re good for hosting parties at home as well. The cups with lids give you a sense of having your masala chai in a tea house or coffee place.


Why Chai Latte K cups at Pirsq?


Pirsq is your online shop for availing the benefits of various kinds of food packaging. As aforementioned, you can avail your chai latte k cups in varying sizes, colours and designs. They also make available eco-friendly services which show their concerns for the safety of the environment. You could have all the chai latte you want in various kinds of chai latte k cups – disposable, with or without handles and lids etc. – all without the guilt of harming the environment in any way!


You can buy them in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai or Hyderabad. The delivery is efficient. The prices are amazingly affordable, and the services won’t disappoint you. There’s a 24/7 customer support service, where all your queries get answered! If you don’t believe it, avail their services, and you’d know why and how Pirsq is the best place to get those amazing chai latte k cups!

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