Paper Cups

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100 ML Paper Cups

The 100ML paper cups are often known as the paper tea cups. The 100ml cup is available in the broad size and the tall size. 

250 ML Paper Glass

The 250ML paper cup is used to serve juices, tea, or coffee. The 250ml cups are available in three types the single wall, rippled, and double wall.  

350 ML Paper Glass

The 350 ML paper glass is known as the milkshake cup. The 350ml cup is available in the two types the double wall and rippled. 

Premium Brand & Their Paper Cups

The 250ml/350ml double wall and rippled paper cups are used at the premium coffee stores like Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Day.

The double wall and rippled paper glasses are significantly expensive than the single-wall paper glass.

The premium coffee stores provide better ambiance and experience. It means their customers will spend more time at the cafe.

Its the reason why the premium coffee places will serve coffee in the coffee mugs or in the double/rippled coffee cups.

The double wall and the rippled coffee cups maintain the paper cup structural integrity longer while the single wall paper cups become unusable after 15 minutes.

Paper Cup Manufacturing: PIRSQ Paper Cup Manufacturer

Paper cups are manufactured using the virgin paperboard to guarantee the food safety.
1. The paper roll is printed and cut into carefully measured sidewall blanks
2. The banks are inserted into a cup forming machine that wraps the blanks into the cup shape, adds the bottom, and heats the edges to create the cup.
3. Then the machine trims the cup rim and the paper cup is ejected from the machine and is ready to be packed.

Customization Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ for the logo printed standard paper cup below 200ml starts from 50,000 pieces, and above 200ml starts from 20,000 pieces.
There are few exceptions, though. The MOQ for the rippled cup and the tall single wall cup starts from 1 Lakh pieces.

Paper Cup Manufacturing Delivery Days

The paper cup customization generally takes 3-4 weeks for the first order. For reorder, the manufacturing takes 2-3 weeks.
The duration mentioned above holds if your design is ready on the day of placing the order.

Double Wall Paper Cup

Double wall paper cup paper cups are especially popular for takeaway coffee. An extra paper sleeve surrounding the cup add extra heat protection and allows mix and match the patterns to create a variety of designs.
Double Wall Paper Cup looks and feels premium. And can hold hot and cold liquid for a longer period.

Rippled Coffee Cup

The rippled cups is often called the coffee cup. The distinct feature of the coffee cup is the S-Flute sheet pasted over the paper board. The coffee is more comfortable to hold as the flute dissipates heat. Its easier to keep the hot beverage inside the rippled paper cup than the double or single wall cup. 

Single Wall Cup

The single wall cheap paper cups are the standard single-layer paper cup. The cup is significantly cheaper as compared to any other type of cup. Its primarily used to drink a small quantity of water, tea, and coffee. The single wall cup shouldn't be used for deliveries.

The single wall cups are manufactured from the 180-190 GSM food-grade paper boards.