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Paper cups are different types and usages are also different

These paper cups are available for different usages like for coffee- paper coffee cup with lids, paper coffee cups, disposable coffee cups with lids, coffee cups, printed paper coffee cups, white paper coffee cups, hot coffee cups( for hot coffees). Similarly for tea- Disposable teacups, printed tea cups, paper tea cups, etc. For ice cream and soup- paper ice cream cups with lids, ice cream paper cups, ice cream cups with lids, paper soup cups, etc. Like usage, sizes are also various like small, printed paper cups, cups with lid etc.

Buy quality paper cup wholesale

Although there are many paper cup manufacturers and paper cup companies where you can go place an order for Ice cream buckets and containers in wholesale, there are few trusted wholesalers who provide your products as per needs, as per rate and on time. In Pirsq one can buy any cups and lids at an affordable wholesale rate with good quality. Pirsq is a company who provide the cost-effective rate of bulk delivery. 24*7 on call support including chat services therefore if a client has any inquiry regarding a product, delivery time, charges etc as a result of that purchase becomes hassle-free.

Why pirsq for your next paper cup order

  • Cross-branding- Yes, you have heard it correct Pirsq helps you in cross-branding by brand awareness and promotional activities it will help to increase consumer faith in your brand with a result to that your sales income will upsurge.
  • The benefit of customization- customization as per your needs is the facility for a retailer who wants something new. Pirsq makes your products as per your instructions to fulfill your needs. The expert team of Pirsq comes up with different designs, types of disposable paper cups as per need
  • Best Customer support for you- One can rest assure himself on customer assistance in Pirsq, As there is one dedicated team for 24*7 hours for you to solve any issue related to your order or any product information, quotation etc.
  • On time transportation- In business timing is very crucial there are very few vendors in the market who understand this, however, Pirsq believes in on time delivery as a company knows the importance of time.  Doorstep transportation services are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.


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