Dry Fruits Packaging

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Dry Fruit Packing Pouches at Wholesale Rates in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai

The dry fruits packing for retail outlets have to preserve dry fruits, nuts, trail mix for a longer period. The sealable pouches are commonly used for dry fruit packing. You can go for the transparent plastic sealable pouches or the standup paper pouch with the window gives the premium feel to the customer.
The plastic sealable container is another suitable option that can be packed inside the secondary packaging branded paper box.
The glass jar packed with the healthy trail mix of different nuts looks very nice. You can brand the glass jars and bottles with paper stickers or screen printing.
Dry Fruit Packaging Pouches & Gift Packing for Festivals

The festivals play an important role in Indian traditions. It's common among Indian people to share the joy of the festival by giving gift boxes to each other. The branded gift boxes act as the secondary packaging for the dry fruits.
The dry fruits are vacuum-packed inside cheap transparent sealable pouches. The sealed pouches are then kept inside the colourful gift boxes.
If the budget is on the higher side then instead of the transparent pouches, you can use the metalized pouches or the standup pouches. Both of these pouches can be sealed easily with the help of a regular sealing machine.
Another option is to pack the various dry fruits inside the glass jars and pack these jars inside the gift boxes.
Dry Fruit Packaging Boxes Customization

We can manufacture paper boxes as per your size and design. The minimum order quantity for the dry fruit paper boxes starts from 5,000 pieces, and corrugated boxes start from 3,000 pieces.
We provide the number of design templates to choose from if your design isn't ready. After placing the order, you can select one of the design. We'll place your logo, add social media handles and send it to you for the approval.
For paper box customized order there'll be one-time Die charges. There'll be no additional Die charges for the reorder until you change the print design of the gift box.