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Why Glass Jars

The glass chemically inert and doesn't react with the food and chemicals. It makes glass an ideal packaging product. You can use the glass bottles and jars to pack anything from the pickle to the desserts. The glass is transparent and gives a sneak peek at the item packed inside.

The glass jar cannot handle rough handling and is commonly used as the primary packaging. The packed glass jar is further packed inside the secondary packaging, such as the branded paper box.

Glass Jar Customization

The glass jars are customized either by screen printing your logo over the glass jars or sticking the branded stickers on the glass jar.
The minimum order for screen printing over glass jars is 2,000 pieces and takes around ten working days to deliver the order.

The customer reuses the branded glass bottles & jars. It means your brand will be visible to the customer along with his/her friends & family every day.

PIRSQ Glass Jar Manufacturers: Buy Glass Jars Online

The glass jars are available online at the best price in the market.
We make sure the glass jars are packed properly inside the corrugated sheet or the box to minimize breakages. We're currently shipping glass jars to and around all the metro cities Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai.

Buying glass jars offline requires time and effort. Ordering glass jars online saves all the time and effort, which can be applied to more productive tasks.