Meal Packaging

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Meal Packaging Boxes Manufacturer in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

Meal packaging paper boxes we offer at are flexible yet strong to keep the food at its best when it reaches the destination. They are quite similar to wok box designs, but the varieties are endless. These meal boxes are manufactured with high-quality cardboard paper material. It's 100% recycled and food-safe material.

Advantages of Meal Box:

  1. Disposable, biodegradable, eco-friendly & recyclable.
  2. Convenience to use, store and carry.
  3. Ideal for a wide range of takeaway foods
  4. Fully microwaveable and leakproof product
  5. No tape is required for assembling
  6. High-Quality Design and unique shape
  7. Manufactured in India

How to Customize Meal Boxes?

We do customization on meal boxes with a single colour and multicolour options. The minimum order quantity will start from 5K to 10K pieces as per bulk order. We are offering an additional discount on bulk purchases. You can send your requirements to, And within 24 hours our support team respond to you.