Paper Cone

What are Paper Cones?

The high-quality Paper cones are manufactured from the 100 GSM food grade paper or the recycled paper with the lamination inside. The semi-circular sheet with adhesive on one side is folded into the cone shape. These cones are commonly used to serve your dine-in customer and acts as the secondary packaging for the deliveries.

Why Paper Cones?

We at have a wide range of Paper cones which are widely used to pack and deliver waffles, french fries, crepes. The waffle is kept inside the cone which can be served along with the tray. The waffle cone can be kept inside the box for the deliveries. The jumbo paper cones are light, small, and consume very less space. They are convenient to serve your customer as it holds everything together and lets the customer to move around and eat.

Innovative & Stylish French Fries Paper Cone

Many people count on food delivery services every day, and french fries are a big part of fast food and delivery services. We have designed stylish & innovative paper cone for french fries. French fries cones are the best choice for serving crispy french fries and keeping them hot, but you can do so much more with them. You can also serve other snacks like a cheese ball, chicken popcorn, onion rings, roasted nuts and more. These cones are made from food-grade and biodegradable paper material. For a convenient way to serve french fries to your customers on the go, choose french fry cones. Additionally, our cardboard materials are coated to resist grease and hold up as your customers enjoy their food. Great for food trucks, cafes, restaurants, paper fry cones make your french fries portable. These cones are the perfect shape to fit into your customers’ hands.

Paper Cone Customization

The waffle cones can be easily customized for the quantity of 10,000 pieces. The customization takes around three weeks to be completed and generally two weeks for the re-orders. We can manufacture these cones based on your specifications such as GSM, Size, etc. The tightly bonded paper cones have decent strength and can withstand some degree of abuse from the customer.

A Perfect Combo: Sandwich Packaging Box & French Fries Paper Cone

We know sandwich and french fries are always in high demand in your kitchen. Using our best quality material of the sandwich packaging box and french fries paper cone, you can serve your sandwich and french fries to your customers. Our sandwich packaging boxes are a very cheaper, eco-friendly and stylish packaging solution for a sandwich.