Sandwich Packaging

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Sandwich Box Packaging

The sandwich packaging boxes with window are designed for the sole purpose of keeping the sandwich fresh and attracting the customer’s eyes. We manufacture good quality sandwich boxes by keeping the rates competitive.

Sandwich Packaging

The veggies or chicken filled between the slices of bread is the sandwich. The sandwich cannot be kept inside the standard paper boxes as it may fall apart in the box itself.

The budget-friendly method of packing the sandwich is to wrap the sandwich inside the butter paper and directly give it to the customer with the paper bag.

The triangular sandwich box works well as it holds the sandwich together, and the paper box provides safety from the rough handling.

We can manufacture the sandwich box with the logo printing for the order quantity of 3,000 pieces. The sandwich wrapping sheet pricing starts from 80 paise.

Types of Sandwich boxes

We supply sandwich boxes in various shapes and sizes. One can go for the triangular-shaped box, rectangular box with a window or the traditional food grade paper box. We manufacture sandwich boxes over recycled paper, cardboard paper, and premium food grade board over the minimum order quantity.

Buy Disposable Sandwich Paper Box Online at Lowest Price

Sandwich is a small meal but complete meal with bread, cheese, paneer, veggies, sauces and more. Now, we have manufactured innovative and stylish designs of sandwich paper boxes for your restaurants, cafes, food truck, and other food establishments. Sandwich boxes are made from premium quality food-grade paper materials. We have a sandwich box with the window too which easily represent the inside the content. Now you can easily pack your sandwiches in our sandwich boxes, and there is no need for other containers or plates since our box can fill all of those roles. These boxes are offered in different sizes, shapes and types which completely meet your requirements. These boxes are 100% food safe and non-toxic. We also do customise sandwich packaging boxes with your brand logo and name in multicolour printing.

Sandwich Box Customization offer custom printed green sandwich boxes that are made specifically for keeping your sandwiches fresh and generate additional sales. Get your logo and design printed over the box for the minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces

A Perfect Combo: Sandwich Packaging Box & French Fries Paper Cone

We know sandwich and french fries are always in high demand in your kitchen. Using our best quality material of the sandwich box and french fries paper cone, you can serve your sandwich and french fries to your customers. Our french fries paper cones are very cheaper, eco-friendly and stylish for serving french fries.