Paper Cup Sleeves

What are Paper Cup Sleeves?

Innovation comes when there is a problem which needs attention. So were these hot cup sleeves, an innovation by Jay Sorensen when he burnt his fingers with the searing hot coffee. Another use of these paper sleeves from the business point of view is that it prevents the need for double cupping. Cardboard coffee sleeves are manufactured out of corrugated paperboard or cardboard that provides superior insulating properties.

Paper Cup Sleeves Branding

Every product on the market has something clung to it. Custom coffee sleeves carry with them a unique style of marketing and building your brand. What type of business you have – printed coffee sleeves can make your mark your customers and make them remember your brand. Custom printed coffee sleeves are not just about marketing and customization of products. They can also be used to add personalization. Be it your wedding, anniversary or any special occasion of your life, personalized coffee sleeves personalize your event and leave your guests to hang on to after the event.

Why Paper Cup Sleeves?

The environment has become one of the most important concern for every business out there. Making product as cool and trendy as possible but along with the touch of sustainability is the only option left for businesses today for their market share to grow. Along with reducing the waste of paper cups, there is an increased use of reusable cup sleeve as concern for our environment. Many brands like Star Bucks have started the concept of Earth Sleeve that requires comparatively less raw materials promoting a low-cost way of making a difference. With those scolding beverage holder, who can handle even those icy drinks easily. The iced coffee sleeve is a one-stop solution to control condensation and keeps your hands dry and warm.