Paper Ice Cream Tubs

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Ice Cream Packaging

Delicious ice cream needs creative packaging. Whether you want to deliver or pack and sell your ice cream in retail, we have the solution for all situations. Ice cream packaging is a bit tricky as the packaging should be creative and should be able to withstand freezing temperatures. And have the innovative solution for such tricky situations

What products we have?

1. For daily deliveries, you can use round paper containers with the paper lid, plastic containers all available on
2. If you wish to sell the ice cream in retail, then we can manufacture paper boxes with the lamination inside to pack and store them freezers
3. For serving, we can provide with the excellent quality round paper containers which can hold the ice cream longer.


We've already been supplying ice cream packaging material to many of the ice cream parlors across Bengaluru and Delhi areas. Whether you're a startup or the established brand, we have solutions for everyone. Depending on the budget and requirement you can go for standard options or else your logo design printing over the packaging.