What are Paper Sleeves?
With so many startups coming up everyday branding plays an important role. But branding requires minimum order quantity which will take decent investment. To solve this the clever way of branding is introduced - Paper Sleeves. These paper sleeves will have your branding and can be wrapped around the container.

Is the minimum order quantity of paper sleeves less?
No, the minimum order quantity for paper sleeves starts from 3000 pieces. But, it's very cheap to manufacture paper sleeves than any box of the container. These paper sleeves are generally made from the recycled paper with the lowest GSM to reduce the cost per sleeve.

What if we have multiple containers?
The paper sleeve has branding on one side and has adhesive on the other side. The same sleeve can be used over multiple containers with different shape and size. One can go with the paper sleeves in the beginning and can go for customization later.

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