Paper Stickers | Labels

Looking For Printed Stickers or Labels?

We are the manufacturer of all types of labels for food packaging. When your branding budget is low then, one may go for customized labels for branding. We have a cheaper branding solution for your juice shop, hotels, ice cream shop, restaurants, cafes and more. With the less order quantity, we can customise the label in a multicolour design. If you don't want to customise your food packaging products then you can go with customised labels.

Multicolour Printed Stickers

Food stickers do more than recognise your product and brand name. They provide all the information customers need. Customise printed stickers with all information, so every detail is clear and distinct for your customers. Custom printed stickers can be used for multiple items like glass bottles, glass jars, plastic containers, disposable cups and other food packaging products. Even you can also use these stickers to ensure the food is secured during the delivery time. There are many advantages to use labels or stickers in the food packaging industry.

Let's Talk About Different Types of Labels

Buy customized paper labels from PIRSQ, and We are the manufacturer and supplier of food packaging stickers or labels. Our printed labels can be utilized for multiple food packaging products. Food packaging labels easily allow customers to recognize your brand name, contact and social information.

Health Safety: 
Deliver your food packaging items by adding needful ingredients using customized labels. Add more retail contact information, statement of identity, ingredients list or nutrition facts details on labels.

Logistic Details: 
You can add your customers contact information or shipping details for delivery, do provide consignee or consigner details to deliver your items using logistics labels.

Food Delivery Labels: 
Customize food delivery labels for online delivery or takeout, adding the information of your received order from the online platform, and you can write your customer ordered details or packed food item details on stickers.

Customised & Printing: 
Customizing a label is a very cheaper and essential role for your food packaging. We offer multicolour or single colour design printing for food packaging products. We do label printing with a 10,000 order quantity. These labels are designed with a good quality of paper material and high-tech printing technologies. 

Bakery Food Packaging Labels: 
You are selling bake food or frozen food products in your bakery or dairy, and we are here for you. You can customise stylish stickers or labels for baked items. Make bread packaging, bun packaging labels, cookie packaging containers labels and more from us.

Restaurant Food Packaging Labels: 
Customize labels for food packaging items in your restaurants. Deliver your food containers with customized labels printing to customers which can show your restaurants brand logo and other information. You can also print the red and green icon for veg & non-veg foods. There are lot's of thing can be done on stickers for foods.

Glass Jars & Glass Bottles Labels: 
Do you require adding a label to the lid? Use one sticker around the jar or bottle, or use multiple stickers on the front and back? There are many choices you can choose from. Customise labels for glass jars and glass bottles. Pack your homemade pickles, fruits jam, deshi ghee and natural honey into a glass jar and stick a customise label on glass containers. Labels can be printed with your logo design, brand name and other information. Now deliver your natural & homemade items attractively to your customers.

Stickers for PET Bottles or Plastic Bottles: 
We know it, customised plastic bottles are very expensive or a large quantity will be required for branding. But you can get customise stickers with your multicolour logo printing. With the less order quantity, you can customise stickers with your brand name, logo, social media handles and more information. Stickers will be the cheaper branding solution with less order quantity for plastic bottles. Customise stickers are budget-friendly and convenient for PET bottles.

Stand up Paper Pouch Labels: 
Are you looking for affordable printing solutions for stand up pouches? Custom logo printing on stand up pouches which quite difficult and expensive to print with a small quantity. We offer a custom printed sticker for stand up pouches which also very cheap and with less order quantity you can customise it from us. We can allow you to print your logo in multicolour printing on labels.

Stickers for Eco-Friendly Disposable Cups: 
When you are buying something eco-friendly packaging material that time you won't get a branding solution. But that time you can customise a paper sticker for disposable cups. With your brand name and logo, stickers can be printed with your all required details. Not only cups, but you can also use these stickers for other eco-friendly products. So, let's try a printed sticker.

Features of Food Packaging Paper Labels:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Moisture-proof
  • Smooth finishing
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Multipurpose
  • Biodegradable