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Kraft Stand Up Pouches Wholesaler in Delhi and Mumbai.

We are the supplier and wholesaler of snacks packaging stand up pouches in Delhi and Mumbai. Are you a startups companies in the food packaging industry? We will assist you with your packaging requirements. Whether you are in Delhi or Mumbai, we will supply stand up pouches in your city. Stand up pouches are ideal for food packaging items. Used to store anything from groundnuts to paper clips, paper pouches are the ideal pouch packaging option. Made from top quality paper, kraft paper stand up pouch by Pirsq are fashionable, sturdy yet smooth, making them special. They come in various sizes and shapes, and are also available for customisation.

Custom print stand up pouches – How do they help?

Along with being the perfect way to store food items like groundnuts, spices, and powders, stand up pouches also prove to be the best place for easy marketing. Just a simple logo and motto printed on your stand up paper pouches will make them the ideal tool for advertising your company to everyone who happens to take a look at the pouch. We also have a special assortment of paper pouches for storing pharmaceuticals, i.e., medicinal drugs. kraft paper stand up pouch can be used to store food items which need to be kept in air tight environments.


Shopping for the standing pouch at Pirsq – what to expect

  • Top-quality paper/plastic
  • Light weight and aesthetic appeal
  • Eco-friendly – our paper pouches are 100% biodegradable
  • Foil lining – our pouches are integrated with foil lining to help preserve aroma and flavour
  • Sturdy and efficient designs
  • Customisable pouches
  • Long lasting
  • Various shapes and sizes
  • Wholesale prices
  • Online Ordering
  • Doorstep Delivery
  • Every piece delivered is guaranteed to be the very best

Beautiful Stand Up Pouches for Dry Fruits Packaging

Today, dry fruits have become a staple in every home. With the health benefits of dry fruits, all family buys them on regular basis. So, we have stylish and trendy packaging solutions for dry fruits. With large competition in the dried fruit industry, stand up pouch packaging has gained immense popularity among dry fruit businesses. Stand up pouches for dry fruit packaging usually come with convenient re-closeable zip locks. Our premium, airtight kraft pouches are designed to stand proudly on store racks and offer a lightweight shipping choice when filling your in-store and online orders. We also do have a range of eco-friendly pouches which are biodegradable and food-safe. Let's, talk about different types of stand up pouches for dry fruits or nut packaging.

1) Kraft Stand Up Pouch: Kraft paper stand up pouches are made from good quality kraft paper that is biodegradable and eco-friendly. These pouches come in without a window or with a window. As well, there are various sizes of kraft dry fruits bags. These pouches have an airtight ziplock system. 


2) Plastic Stand Up Pouch: Plastic stand up pouches are made from the best quality plastic materials. There are various types of pouches are available like transparent, one-side transparent, matt finish, golden, silver glossy, glass jar shape pouch and more. These all the pouches are food-grade and hygienic.


3) 3-D Octagon Stand Up Pouch: Usually, stan up pouches come with a bottom gusset. But these types of stand up pouches come with a side gusset and bottom gusset. The side gusset gives an extra-wide space to fill the product more. These types of pouches are called 3D octagon pouches. It's also available in plastic and paper material. As per your need, you choose the material and size.


Above all types of stand-up pouches are durable, convenient, lightweight and suitable for dry fruits packaging.


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