Recycled Paper Bags

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Why should we use Recycled paper bag?

  1. The recycled paper bags are generally cheaper as compared to the virgin kraft paper bags.

  2. The custom printed recycled paper shopping bag looks as good as any other shopping bags with handle.

  3. The paper bags, in general, are biodegradable and excellent recycled material.

  4. The paper is produced by chopping trees. The recycling paper would save millions of forest land.

  5. The paper shopping bags are virtuously produced from 100% Recycled Paper, 40% to 60% of which is post-consumer content

Is Recycled Bag Budget-Friendly & Food grade?

Yes, the recycled bags are pretty cheap as compared to the virgin brown kraft paper. The recycled paper bag can hold descent weight and looks good with the branding.

The recycled paper is not food grade as it has traces of ink in the paper. The food item should be wrapped with the butter paper or the aluminum foil before keeping it inside the bag.

How Recycled Kraft Paper is Made?

The recycling process takes a lot of work. Every time the paper goes through the recycling process its fibers are broken down further. The paper can be recycled between 5-7 times.

  1. The usable paper is broken down into fibers

  2. The paper is then cleaned, de-inked, thickened and dried

  3. Then usually combined with virgin wood fiber.

  4. The pulp is then pressed to form paper and dried again.

  5. And then prepped for final usage.