Spout Pouch

Aluminum Spout Pouch - Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

We supply a wide range of spout pouches that are appropriate even for storing liquids and are available in various shapes and sizes. These pouches are mostly used for packing and delivering tea, coffee, soups to the customer. All the pouches available online have three layers of aluminum which can keep the liquid warm for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Our company provides customized spout pouches with extraordinary quality and mesmerizing design.

Why choose spout pouches for ketchup packaging & beverage packaging?

It is one of the packaging solutions which ensures easier and mess-free transportation of liquid products to the customer. One of the spout pouch features is that it can keep the hot liquid warm and the cold liquid cool for quite some time which makes it this packaging product the better flexible packaging option.

What is the paper boat packaging called?

The paper boat packaging uses the spout pouch only. The spout stand-up pouches are safer packaging solution for most of the beverages. The company realized this latest innovation in flexible packaging and now the paper boat style packaging is widely accepted packaging material.