Wok Boxes

Get Customer with a Catchy Wok Packaging

Most popular Chinese food wok can be pack in food-grade wok box. PIRSQ provides a wide range of colourful wok boxes which can be used for various foods packaging. On top of folded boxes is the shine of chines food in the world. These boxes are so universal that they usually appear in pop culture. Wok boxes are very stylish food container.
Superbly designed boxes are a treat to viewers eyes. We can use wok boxes to pack and deliver noodles, rice, salads, pasta safely to your customers. Our wok boxes maintain the freshness, quality and heat from your branded kitchen to your valuable customers. It's a high and premium quality food-grade paper box.

Advantages of PIRSQ Wok Boxes for Chinese Food Restaurants

The power of having these paper wok containers is using one piece of cardboard is that it can be folded into a plate for access to wrapped noodles and simplified post-dinner cleanup. These containers also fit easily one inside another in a tall stack so that it can reduce the storage space.

PIRSQ has offered stylish food box in various sizes to make it easy for people to eat them comfortably, mainly for children so that they don't ruin their clothes. The individual and unique features of your food packaging box will boost your sales up and helps customers to identify your brand quickly. These boxes are recyclable, Which also preferred by your daily or valuable customers due to their plastic ban and green environment effect.

  • 100% Eco-friendly and biodegradable product.
  • Can be used for multiple food packaging.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Many colour options.
  • Food-grade ITC paper board.
  • Easy to hold and carry.
  • Affordable prices and less minimum order quantity
  • Customisation available

Why we use Wok Boxes?

Wok Boxes can be used for multiple food packaging items like Biryani packaging, Saucy Noods or Maggi packaging, Saucy Pasta or macaroni packaging, Fruit Salad or veggies packaging with dressing in them. These boxes will save your food packaging cost rather than buying separate packaging boxes for each food. 

It can hold any hot or cold saucy and creamy food, and These boxes keep the food fresh and warm and useable for a more extended period of time. It's a sturdy food grade paper box which doesn't get soggy quickly during the delivery of your delicious and yummy food. Brand logo or design of your brand can be print on anywhere of wok boxes with the starting MOQ 15000 pieces. It's easy to customize Wok Box with PIRSQ.COM.

It provides you with a wide range of packaging solutions under one roof. The add on disposables are only a click away. The additional disposables such as eco-friendly cutlery or the paper bag to carry the box are available online.