Wooden Cutlery

Which wood is used to make disposable cutlery?
Wooden utensils, which are sometimes treated with wax or another food-safe coating, tend to come from fast-growing species such as bamboo and birch.

The birch wood is flexible, more durable, and easy to process; the cut surface is smooth. Therefore, the birch furniture lacquer surface is very smooth and flat.

What is the difference between disposable wooden cutlery and reusable wooden cutlery?
The reusable cutlery is generally handcrafted from the excellent quality wood such as Maple, Apple Wood. The good quality hard wood doesn't develop cracks which may harbor bacterias. The wood is cut, smoothened, and polished with the food-grade oil.
The disposable wooden cutlery is commonly made from the Birchwood, which isn't strong enough as the Maple wood but works well for making disposable wooden products.

It is also important to mention here that wood is a porous and absorbent material, which means it can soak in bacteria and moisture from food and water. Therefore, the disposable wooden cutlery should not be used for long-term.

Is using Disposable Wooden Cutlery environmentally safe?

The benefit here is that you don't require any dedicated facilities for wood disposal. Instead, you can dispose of it naturally, and this also gives support for eco-friendly living too, which is great, to begin with.Most of the cutlery is made from the plastics which takes thousands of years to decompose. The disposed wood in general posses no harm to nature and decays within two years.

Is Wooden Cutlery better than the Plastic Cutlery?
No matter if you opt for corn starch or wooden cutlery, one thing is sure, both of them are better than regular plastic cutlery.
The wood generally decomposes in a year or two while the plastic pollutes the nature for thousands of years.
The wooden spoons, forks give the natural & premium feel to the customer.

Disadvantages of Disposable Wooden Cutlery?

The disposable spoons made from the wood don't have much depth The disposable wooden cutlery is slightly expensive as compared to the plastic cutlery

The disposable wooden cutlery is not as durable as the plastic or the cornstarch cutlery.