Biodegradable Garbage Bag

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By definition, biodegradation is the process by which any Biodegradable bags can metabolize by microbes to produce water, carbon dioxide, and the biomass, leaving no toxic residue. These bags are also known as compostable garbage plastics. If the bag is genuinely compostable, then it can be thrown away along with the biodegradable waste in the composting facility.

Are all the bags on the market Biodegradable?

Not all the bags available in the market are biodegradable. Few vendors are selling Oxo-biodegradable bags as the compostable bags which are not the compostable bags. These Oxo-biodegradable bags disintegrate into smaller particles which aren't consumed by the microbes to produce water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. Using these bags is equivalent to using the plastic garbage bag.

Why Us?

We have listed few of the biodegradable, compostable garbage bags under this section. These bags are made from vegetable starch and other natural additives, allowing them to biodegrade in 3-4 months leaving no toxic residue entirely. These bags are completely safe if accidentally consumed by animals since it contains no polyolefin plastic and made from all natural extracts.