Biodegradable Plastic Bag

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There are various uses of biodegradable plastic bags-

  • They can be used as biodegradable garbage bags.
  • They can be used as food waste bags.
  • The most effective way will be using them as shopping bag.
  • Other uses include biodegradable plastic packaging, plastic gift bags, biodegradable carry bags, etc.


The plastic bag industry- Where can I buy biodegradable bags?

There are many industries recycling plastic to create products like bags, containers, etc. After the new rules and regulation regarding sale and use of plastic, the plastic bag manufacturers shifted their focus on the eco friendly and biodegradable aspect while manufacturing these products. Here at Pirsq, we provide top quality biodegradable plastic bags which can be used for various purposes.  The biodegradable bags are in demand mainly for being eco friendly and compostable and their multi-utility characteristic.

The wholesale market for bio bags-

Cities like Chennai, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai have markets and plastic bag supplier offering plastic bags in bulk. However, travelling to these places will cost you time and money; you may become skeptical about the quality as there is no surety of manufacturing process like what kind of plastic do they use. Hence we provide an online platform to suit your need. The eco-friendly bags or corn starch bags are manufactured using biodegradable plastic which does no harm to the environment. All our products are 100% safe to use and in case of any query or complain we provide 24/7 support service.


Why buy at Pirsq - What do we offer?

  • Variety: These plastic bags come in various sizes, small or long bags, plastic zipper bags, resealable plastic bags, organic garbage bags, custom plastic bags, transparent plastic bags etc. One can buy according to their requirement. 
  • Online services: These eco friendly plastic bags are just one click away. You don’t need to roam around in crowded markets or bargain with adamant plastic bag suppliers.
  •  Consumer Oriented: It is not only the sale of single units but also the bulk order. We provide services to suit all our consumers whether household or stores. The plastic bags wholesale order is delivered at your doorstep without any trouble.
  • Other products: Apart from plastic bags, we also manufacture biodegradable cups, biodegradable plastic containers, corn starch bags, and other biodegradable plastic products.