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Buy Bubble Wrap Online in India. Fast Delivery.

The bubble rolls are one of the many packaging materials we supply. Simply pack your products safely with the bubble wrap to prevent damages and returns. The bubble wrap offers protection to your electronics, apparels, beauty products, glass products, and furniture.

You can order the bubble wrap roll and cut it according to your size requirement or go for the bubble wrap pouches.

Where can I find quality bubble wraps at cheap rates?

We at PIRSQ.COM supply two main sizes in the bubble roll 1 Meter X 100 Meter & 1.5 Meter X 100 Meter.  Each of these sizes serves a different purpose depending on the level of cushioning required. They are used in scenarios where the product is large and heavy.

Browse through a wide range of packaging materials online, compare the pricing and place the order.

What's the best way to pack items for shipping?

The best way to pack an item for shipping is to wrap the item with the bubble wrap properly and pack it inside the box with no space to move. If there’s some extra space inside the box and you don’t have the smaller size box then wrap the item with more bubble wrap and then pack it inside the corrugated box. Then seal the box with the Packing Tape and wrap it with the cling wrap. This will prevent breakage from rough handling during deliveries.