Bulk Packaging

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Wholesale Packaging: How convenient and useful is it?

The Bulk packaging protects the packaged product during journey hazards including vibrations, shocks, and drop and also climate hazards like dust, rain, seawater etc. Bulk Packaging is generally simple having no innovation in packaging design like shipping boxes which is contrary to that in retail packaging which comes in various style and design.

Bulk Packaging Boxes & Bags: Various types

Packaging Companies use different box packaging and packaging bags as per their requirements. The shipping boxes, packing boxes, cardboard boxes, custom boxes, corrugated box, paper box, small packaging boxes and the bulk bags are some of these on which bulk packaging companies heavily rely on. Other types of packaging include custom packaging, clamshell packaging, cardboard packaging, wrap packaging, plastic packaging, paper packaging, corrugated packaging, book packaging, brand packaging, biodegradable and recycled packaging, green and eco-friendly packaging etc.

Food Packaging companies also emphasize on food packaging design and especially on creative packaging and brand packaging. It includes bakery packaging, cake packaging, cupcake packaging, sandwich packaging, fruit packaging, vegetable packaging, snack packaging etc. They try to use the best food packaging material available to them. Foil Packaging technique used by them has many benefits which include the blocking of bacteria and moisture which in turn helps to make the food last longer.

Advantages of buying Bulk Packaging online

After having understood all these, let’s talk about the advantages of buying bulk packaging online from Pirsq. At Pirsq one can get a wide range of packaging products at a wholesale rate with Cash on Delivery and free shipping options with eco-friendly materials. At Pirsq we cater to bakery, retail and wholesale, food truck, fast food, restaurant, juice shops and also E-Commerce which includes a wide range of air corrugated boxes, sealable pouches, paper boxes at very low costs. The cheap packing supply at Pirsq is bought online from the manufacturers and is directly delivered to you at your doorstep. The most important fact is that here we support green, eco-friendly and bio-degradable packaging which has a very low impact on both energy consumption and on the environment. It is considered as the latest step in sustainable packaging design. This makes it Pirsq your one stop shop for wholesale or bulk packaging online.