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Corrugated Sheet is basically the rigid paper flute between two pieces of cardboard. These sheets are then perforated depending on the dimensions which can be folded into a box. The quality of the boxes depends on the paper material and the flute size.

Types of Corrugated Box

Carton boxes can be differentiated based on the flute size of the boxes. Flutes are categorized from A to F usually. Flute size is calculated based on the weight of the material, type, and usage. Flute E and Flute F corrugated boxes are used in the food packaging industry while Flute A to C is used to pack electronics and furniture

Uses of Corrugated Boxes

1. Corrugated Boxes are used in the food packaging industry for quite some time such as pizza boxes, disposable tea flask.
2. These carton boxes are used to pack and move furniture and goods across India
3. Delicate items such as Electronics, glass products are packed in the higher grade corrugated boxes.

PIRSQ is the Manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes in Bangalore.

Corrugated Boxes in Bangalore

The corrugated boxes can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in Bangalore. For any queries, send us an email or visit our Indiranagar office.

Our main office is in Bangalore, and we are already supplying the corrugated boxes to many brands at HSR, Koramangala, Marathi, Indiranagar.