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Creative Product Packaging- Online PIRSQ.COM

Packaging comes in every possible shape, size, colour and material for any product imaginable. It’s the first impression which we get about the product. Although the product might be extraordinarily good or attractive but what actually seals the deal is how unique and innovative is the box packaging design. Most importantly, it is the design that we have to live with every day.

Creative Packaging Design- Where majorly used?

Good design isn’t just limited to a product; it’s about good packaging as well. Custom Packaging boxes are one such thing in which stress is majorly laid on carton design or the product box design and equally on packaging label design. Food Packaging companies also emphasize food packaging design and take away packaging design for food packaging.

Be it graphic design or the brand identity we will help you create a packaging which will be appreciated by everyone. We constantly work on adding new, clever and quirky design trends to our inventory keeping your packaging up to date and you ahead of everyone else.

Wholesale Packaging & Retail Packaging

Wholesale packaging or Bulk Packaging is basically the initial packaging from which products are taken out and then sold as a single product by a retailer in a single package called Retail Packaging. Bulk Packaging involves bulk containment of product or product groups. Retail Packaging, on the other hand, could be a challenge, particularly with the ever-increasing competition for limited shelf space and draw the attention of the customers.

Advantages of buying innovative Packaging online

After having understood all these, now let’s talk about the advantages of buying creative unique packaging design online from Pirsq. At Pirsq one can get a wide range of packaging products at a wholesale rate with Cash on Delivery and free shipping options with eco-friendly materials. At Pirsq we cater to a bakery, retail and wholesale, food truck, fast food, restaurant, juice shops and also E-Commerce which includes a wide range of air-corrugated boxes, sealable pouches, paper boxes at very low costs. The packaging material at Pirsq is bought online directly from the manufacturers and is directly delivered to you at your doorstep.