Disposable Food Container Manufacturer

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Disposable food container manufacturer and supplier

We are currently dealing in the manufacturing of paper food containers such as a paper tray, paper tub, paper box. We offer all types of customization options over paper containers.

We do supply plastic containers in bulk for mostly all our customers across Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. We supply a various range of disposable plastic containers that are in the round and rectangular shape which is available in white & Black color. These kind of containers are perfect for packaging of both type products that is Micro Oven & Freezer as per specified standards.

Where can I buy disposable food containers in India?

We are offering a wide range of disposable plastic, paper, and eco-friendly containers across India and are backed by modern transit facilities for timely deliveries.

Simply browse through the array of disposable high-quality containers available online, compare pricing, and order online easily.

What are the new trends in food packaging? 

  • 1. Disposable Plastic Food Containers - These containers are being used in the packaging industry from the very beginning. The disposables made in plastics work well and are mostly spill proof.

  • 2. Aluminium Containers - These containers are budget-friendly and keeps the food warm as compare to other options but are not very sturdy for rough deliveries.

  • 3. Paper Boxes - The paper boxes with your banding gives the premium impression of your brand and can be customized accordingly.

  • 4. Cornstarch Containers - These are fairly new types of containers in the market which are 100% biodegradable and compostable if disposed of responsibly.

Disposable Food Container Manufacturer

We are the manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of all food packaging containers. Our containers are made from the best quality materials. Plus, our containers are food safe and hygienic. Nowadays, the majority of people order a takeaway lunch. However, to ensure proper food preservation, it is necessary to select good quality disposable food containers. We have premium quality food-grade containers for food packaging and serving. Food packaging containers are useful for a variety of reasons. It keeps food safe from contamination.


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We are also in the paper bags industry. We are manufacturing different styles of food delivery bags for restaurants and hotels. As per your requirements, we can print your brand and logo on brown paper bags. So, let's customise branded food delivery paper bags online from us. Don't forget to visit.