Paper Carry Bags

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Paper Carry Bag

Many State Governments have banned polythene bags, and it created a massive demand for biodegradable packaging alternatives. The paper bag is commonly used as an alternative to plastic covers. These premium quality kraft paper covers are good enough to carry lightweight and paper carry bag with the handle can take more weight.

Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags

  1. The plastic bags are very cheap as compared to the paper bags.

  2. The plastic bags are not biodegradable which makes them harmful to nature while paper bags are biodegradable and compostable.

  3. The plastic bags take less space and can hold more weight than the paper bags.

  4. The plastic bags are banned in most of the metro cities across India while the paper bags are in great demand.

Pros and Cons


  1. Printed Paper carry bags are bio-degradable packaging products hence it is the better alternative to plastic bags.

2. The paper carry bag of higher GSM looks good with the branding. These bags are perfect for designer and luxury segment bag segment.


1. After many State Governments in India have imposed the ban on plastic carry bags and dollar price fluctuation price for the paper raw material is up by almost 30% this year

2. Paper carry bags are biodegradable but not eco-friendly as chopping trees produce the raw material.