French Fries Packaging

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Why French Fries needs different style packaging?

French Fries generally gets soggy in 10 minutes if not packaged properly. Also, we have noticed that drivers or food joints sometimes places the hot items next to a cold beverage in the bag, to the detriment of both. Drivers often work for more than one delivery service, which could add stops and slow an order’s travel.

The Fries Solution

In this page, we have listed the available options for french fries. You can go with the thick GSM french fries pouch. Or use the butter paper pouch to pack your fries and then put them in the paper box or the paper bag with some ventilation.

Why Us?

To protect the french fries during delivery, we provide packaging options to keep out moisture while allowing for the right amount of ventilation. Plastic bags or tightly sealed containers turn into little saunas, making French fries soggy quickly. A paper bag, lightly folded over, is a better option.