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Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Packaging Boxes

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of packaging boxes. Our boxes are available in different quality materials, shapes, colours and more. Plus, all the boxes are biodegradable and eco-friendly. We offer medium shipping boxes made out of professional-grade corrugated cardboard with high strength, thickness, and rigidity. Let's talk about different types of boxes.


Food Packaging Boxes:

We manufacture premium quality boxes for food packaging. These boxes can be made from the ITC food grade paper or SBS paper board with inside lamination. As per customer requirements, we can make customised food packaging boxes with less order quantity. It's food-grade boxes for food packaging.

Corrugated Boxes:

These high-quality brown corrugated boxes are simple to assemble. These are durable and can be saved and used again and again. These boxes are folded easily to flat packing and stored by saving space and returned to the box easily. It's ideal for transporting goods to customers, friends, or relatives and may be utilised at home.

Recycled Paper Boxes:

Brown recycled paper boxes are made from recycled paper that are usually non-food-grade paper. We do lamination inside the boxes to make boxes food-grade and hygienic. As compared to other boxes, recycled boxes are cheaper boxes.

Advantages of Packaging Boxes:


Best quality material
Non-toxic & hygienic
Easy to assemble
Shipping made simple