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paper carry bag manufacturers in Bangalore

We are involved in the paper bag manufacturing for quite some time. We supply paper bags to many businesses, cafe owners across India. We supply a wide range of paper bags with the handle, without handle, recycled & virgin kraft paper bags at the best price depending on the requirement of the customer.

Do check the paper bag manufacturing video at one of our manufacturing unit here.


Why Paper Bags?

Paper carry bags are the next big thing when it comes to packaging; with all the environmental awareness being spread around, it makes sense to use bags which are biodegradable and harmless to the environment. PIRSQ provides some great options when it comes to paper shopping bags, with various kinds of handles, customisations, shapes, and sizes. With our special manufacturing process, our paper bags are extremely sturdy and strong.


Paper Bag Customization

We at PIRSQ.COM can manufacture paper bags based on the customer requirement. Whether you want more height or want to put your logo on one side and address on the other, we can do it all and have an extensive range of paper bags already. Usually, printed paper bags manuftake three to four weeks for the customization and 14 working days for the next order with the same specifications. For our regular customers, we procure raw materials for their paper bags depending on the order frequency.

Recommended Product: Meal Packaging Box

You can also buy meal boxes from us which are made from a food-grade paper board. It's very convenient to pack your food in a disposable meal box and deliver it with a customised paper bag. Easily you can pack your meal box in a paper bag without any difficulties. Our paper bags are very durable and comfortable for meal box delivery.