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Why Buy Paper Bags Online?

The traditional offline vendors provide you with a limited range of paper bags. Due to the absence of exact specifications, it's impossible to make the price comparison. The online platform PIRSQ.COM gives you a wide range of paper bags to choose from. You can go for the grocery bags, gift bags, paper bags with the handle.

Paper Bags Online Customization

We manufacture logo printed paper bags at the best price. The minimum order quantity for the paper bag customization starts from 5,000 pieces. We provide various printing design templates to choose from. You can either provide us with your design to be printed or choose from the available templates, and we'll place your brand name and other details on the bag.

How can the Branded Paper Bag save on the Branding Cost?

The idea is to print your logo over the paper bag only instead of branding all the packaging items. You can buy other standard disposables available in the market such as containers, paper box and get the branding done over the paper bags only. At the time of delivery pack the food item inside the standard containers and put them inside the printed paper bags.