Paper Bag Without handle

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Paper Bag without handle

Plain paper bags without handle are used mostly for takeaways. These paper bags are cheap and look good too. You can go for the food grade or non-food grade paper bags depending on your requirement and budget. Put your food item directly inside the bag or wrap it in butter paper and then put it in the recycled paper bag.

Types of Paper Bag without handle

1. Food Grade Paper Bag - It's made from food grade paper which means you can keep your dry snacks directly inside the bag. It's usually made from 40-60 GSM paper.
2. Recycled paper bag - It's made from non-food grade recycled paper which means you'll have to wrap the food with the butter paper and then keep it inside the bag

Is Paper Bag without handle cheap?

Yes, paper bag without the handle is comparatively cheaper. They are generally made to hold less weight over the shorter period. Simply log in at and order cheap Paper Bags online across India.