Paper Cup Manufacturer

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Paper Cup Manufacturing is generally done in three stages:

1. The first stage: mainly finishes transmission of the paper cup's sidewall paper, shaping side-wall and transferring them to the second stage after shaped.
2. The second stage: transmission of the cup-bottom paper, shaping cup bottom, joining the shaped side-wall and cup bottom, automatic transmission and discharging of the shaped cup, and curling the shaped cup's edge.
3. The third stage: mainly includes 45-degree angle separating, preheating, curling bottom, curling rim and so on mechanisms, which are the important parts in finishing the paper cup.

Is Paper Cup Biodegradable?

Paper cups are biodegradable if cups don't have the PE coating. PE stands for polyethylene. It’s the type of plastic most commonly used around the world for plastic bags, packaging, and containers. It’s also used as a coating on paper cups to make them strong and waterproof. But, PE can slow down the biodegradability of the paper cup. Another option which should be available in coming years is the PLA coating for the paper cups. A big advantage of PLA is that it can be manufactured using the same equipment used for making other plastics, so it’s just as cost-efficient to produce.

Types of paper cups available at

1. Single wall paper cup

2. Double wall paper cup

3. Rippled Paper cup

4. Single wall thick paper cup

5. Single coated paper cup

6. Double coated paper cup