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Pizza Slice Box

Pizza Boxes are a growing need in this current era of pizza lovers. While everyone loves pizza, no one likes their pizzas cold, soggy, and stringy. Even when home-delivered, they want it to be hot and crispy. How can we accomplish that? With Pirsq’s wonderful pizza Slice boxes!

We at Pirsq manufacture our pizza boxes from the top quality corrugated cardboard, with well-placed pockets for good ventilation, innovative perforations for conversion of ordinary pizza boxes to plates and smaller pizza boxes, and the availability of customisation on the lid of the boxes, so that you can print out your company’s logo up on the top of the box. All of these make our pizza boxes one of the best in the business!

You might be wondering how you can customise your pizza box. Well, it isn’t rocket science! Infact, it’s as simple as the click of button!

  1. Choose your pizza box from our list of various available sizes and shapes.
  2. Enter the quantity, submit your design, and place your order.
  3. We will convey your designs to the manufacturers and make sure that the pizza boxmanufacturing and designinggoes perfect, resulting in your desired order.
  4. We now collect your custom-made order from the factory and deliver it at your doorstep.

And that’s how you get your Pizza Boxes from Pirsq! Go ahead and order yours now!