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Latest regulations imposed by Maharashtra government restricts the use of any kind of plastic as disposable. These regulations are the positive step in the conservation of the environment and will benefit us in the longer run.
BMC has imposed the ban on the manufacture, use, sale, distribution and storage of all plastic materials, including one-time use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles, and thermocol items.

Plastic Ban Problems in Mumbai

The plastic ban in Mumbai has generated great confusion among the business owners and chefs of restaurants, cafe, and franchisees as they struggle to find the eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging solution for dine-in and takeaways.

Why Us?

We're continuously working with various manufacturers across Mumbai, India to provide eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives to our customers. We provide a wide range of eco-friendly products to choose from including Kullad, Areca, Bagasse, Cornstarch products.