Plastic Spork

What is Plastic Spork

Spork is the mix of spoon and the fork which have the spoon like scoop and 3-4 tines.

It’s convenient to use spork instead of cutlery while having food on the go. Spork is available in plastic as well as the cornstarch.

It’s economical to provide the spork as it comes at the same price of any other plastic spoon or fork and you only need one instead of the plastic cutlery.

Where to buy disposable plastic sporks?

People prefer to buy plastic spoons, forks and sporks in bulk so that they don't have to run to the nearest store every time they need spoons or forks. There are numerous disposable spork, fork and spoons manufacturers in India.  Spork manufacturers and spork suppliers have a good presence on Pirsq has an interesting collection of disposable spoons, disposable forks, disposable sporks, plastic forks and spoons in bulk, different sizes, different colors that fit all your requirements. The quality of the products is very good. We also offer biodegradable plastic spoons which are a rarity.

Why Us?

Apart from the wide collection available online, Pirsq makes sure that these are delivered to your doorstep. Anywhere in the major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, you can be assured that they will reach you at your desired time and place.The advantages of disposable spoons and forks are many compared to other materials. For all your cutlery needs, Pirsq offers a solution that is affordable, trendy and handy. Sporks, spoons or forks, finding good quality products at cheaper prices and checking them before ordering a bunch of them is important and is easy only through online websites like Pirsq which encourage transparency of the products they are putting up.

You can check eco friendly cornstarch cutlery spork here