Rippled Paper Cup

How are Rippled Paper Cups manufactured?

S FLute paper board is made from the plain paper which is then cut into blanks. These blanks are then passed into the machine to make the cylindrical structure which is then pasted over the single-walled paper cup.

Rippled Paper Cup Benefits?

The rippled paper cup is best suited for hot beverages. The S Flute layer over the single-walled paper cup provides better insulation and the firm grip. They are easy to carry and move around with the hot beverages.

Why is Quantity For Rippled Cup higher than Double Wall?

In double wall paper cup, same GSM paper roll used to make the paper cup can be used to prepare the outer covering too. While in the Rippled cup the S Flute paper has to printed separately which is used to prepare the outer covering of the single-wall paper cup. This increases the raw material consumption of the Rippled wall paper cup.