Taco Packaging

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Tacos are a Mexican snack, consisting of soft or crunchy taco shells filled with salsa, vegetables, and other ingredients like potatoes, baked beans and chicken. A walk-and-eat type of snack, it can be held in your hand and eaten easily. However, this requires it to have good packaging, making it clean and easy to hold and move around with. Well, we at Pirsq have just the right taco packaging for you!

What do we need to pack our tacos?

First and foremost, you’ll need butter paper, or taco wrapping paper, which can be used to carefully wrap your taco and keep at its ingredients together. It will also help your taco clean and completely covered, guaranteeing hygiene and safety. The next step could be to place the wrapped taco in a taco container, which can keep the tacos safe and sound during delivery and transportation

How can I get some of these?

Well, all you need to do is click a single button in the comfort of your home! We at Pirsq have various taco packaging solutions, like taco wrapping paper and taco containers of various shapes, sizes, and colours. All you need to do is fill the order quantity, and just order it online! We will deliver your order at your doorstep. We have delivery solutions for the cities of Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.