Tissue Paper Manufacturing

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Tissue Paper Manufacturing

1. Loading - Tissue paper roll is loaded on the machine
2. Logo Printing - In this step, the restaurant logo printed on the paper. The die is prepared and attached to the roller which prints the logo on the paper.
3. Folding - The tissue paper is then folded and cut into the desired size and then packed.

Is Tissue Paper Eco-Friendly?

Tissue can be manufactured using trees that are turned into wood chips and then cooked to separate the fiber (cellulose) from the glue that holds the tree together. This fiber is then formed into a sheet and ultimately into tissue. Tissue can also be manufactured from recycled paper products or a combination of fresh fiber and recycled fiber.
Tissue paper is biodegradable, 100% compostable, and don't harm the nature in any way but it's not eco-friendly.

Types of Tissue Paper

1. Consumer Products - Toilet paper and facial tissue, napkins and paper towels, wipes which are available at the groceries stores or at the supermarkets.
2. Commercial & Industrial Tissue - Tissue paper used at hospitals, restaurants, airports, etc. These are generally manufactured in bulk to be used by the public.