Tissue Paper

Why Tissue Paper?

Tissue papers are lightweight papers which are made of virgin paper. Tissue paper is commonly used as facial tissue, napkins, bathroom tissue, etc. The best part about tissues is that they can be easily and disposed of after use. Tissues can also trap the germs. Since a disposed of tissue will not be picked up by another person, germs won't spread from one person to another.

How does tissue paper help in hygiene?

Tissue paper or Napkins are the must-have packaging accessory for any cafe, restaurant, and business across India. Whether you deliver meals, salads, or rice bowl, cutlery and napkins are always required. The Tissue paper quickly helps you clean the hands and quickly absorbs the extra moisture from the hands.

Where can I find Tissue papers online at wholesale rates?

If you're reading this, then you're already on the right page. You can go through the paper napkins listed above, along with their specifications and pricing. The wholesale rates are given to the customer, placing the bulk order online.

Is tissue paper recyclable?

The Tissue paper is 100% recyclable. In fact, recycled paper napkins are commonly sold in the market. Tissue paper can also be manufactured from recycled paper products or a combination of fresh fibre and recycled fibre. The fresh fibre has to be combined as the Paper fibres can only be reused from five to seven times, depending on the paper grade. It's very difficult to know how many times the paper disposed of is recycled.

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Tissue papers are an essential part of restaurants, hotel, cafe, coffee shops and more. Whether you are serving a chicken roll or ripple coffee cups, you always serve food & beverages with tissue papers. Tissue papers can work as a cup coaster for ripple coffee cups.