Biodegradable Carry Bag in Delhi

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Biodegradable bags

By definition, biodegradation is the process by which any Biodegradable bags can metabolize by microbes to produce water, carbon dioxide, and the biomass, leaving no toxic residue. These bags are also known as compostable plastics.

Are Oxo-biodegradable bags environmental friendly These bags are made by adding some additives to traditional plastics make them degrade more quickly. These bags break down into smaller plastic bits but are still existing in the environment. So these bags aren't environmental friendly.

Why Us?

We at works continuously to bring you the best eco-friendly options available. Biodegradable bags listed in this section are entirely compostable and do not harm nature. These bags are made from vegetable starch and other natural additives, allowing them to biodegrade in 3-4 months leaving no toxic residue entirely.