Corrugated Boxes

One of the crucial tasks for companies is transferring its goods to end customer via proper shipping boxes. As these packing carton boxes protect the product from outside weather like rain, dust, as well as vibration, etc. There are various types of shipping types of boxes although cardboard storage boxes, as well as corrugated boxes, are in demand. The major reason for cardboard shipping boxes demand due to cardboard boxes for moving house items like furniture, valuables, as well as electronic products.  Notwithstanding one must select corrugated packaging box for their valuables.

Why corrugated shipping boxes-


These boxes are different compared to cardboard shipping boxes as, in these boxes, there are three thick papers in which middle one is curly. Therefore, it is a combination of three papers, as well as corrugated packaging box, is ideal as its long lasting as well as reused. Therefore, one should use a corrugated box for sale. Due to high innovation and technology nowadays, corrugated box manufacturers producing various types of boxes like large corrugated boxes, brown corrugated boxes, square shipping boxes, cardboard corrugated boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes as well as kraft corrugated boxes, etc.


Purchase shipping boxes at cost effective rate-


There are many corrugated boxes manufacturers suppliers as well as cardboard box suppliers in India where one can go and buy corrugated boxes; however, there are very few credible wholesalers who will provide packaging services at a wholesale rate of a market without bargaining is very rare. On the other hand, in Pirsq, one can order various boxes wholesale online with the best price in the market. Adding to that Pirsq also give 24*7 online calls and chat support.


Benefits of purchasing boxes and packaging from Pirsq-


Customer support services- One can be rest assured on customer assistance in Pirsq, as the company focuses on customer satisfaction and building relation. There is one dedicated team for 24*7 hours for you to solve any issue related to your order or any product information.


Customization- Alteration in shipping boxes as per needs is the facility for a retailer who wants something new. Customization makes your products as per your instructions; the expert team of Pirsq comes up with different products.


Nature-friendly- Company believes in a social responsibility by producing recycled corrugated boxes, as it’s time for the world to contribute their duty towards the society and use an ecological product.


Transportation and on time- In business, timing is very crucial there are very few vendors in the market who understand this. However, the company believes in on time delivery as the company knows the importance of time. They are providing Doorstep transportation services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.


Shops with Pirsq, we will take care your requirements.

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