Disposable Tea Flask

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What is Disposable Tea Flask?

As the name suggests Disposable Tea Flask is also popularly known as Chai Flask in India is used to pack hot tea for deliveries. Tea Flask has two components 1. Outer Corrugated Cover 2. Aluminium Pouch with a cap.

Will the Aluminium Pouch keep the Tea Hot?

We are using 4 layered Aluminium Pouch which sufficient enough to keep the tea, coffee, and soups hot for 30-40 minutes.

How long will my disposable tea flask order take to print?

Standard lead times for all custom printed sandwich paper orders is 2-3 weeks. Rush orders are available for an additional fee when the production schedule allows. Transit time is typically 2-3 days for North India, and 5-7 days for South India.

Benefits of Chai Flask

1. Keeps the tea hot for 30-40 minutes
2. Durable, Reliable, and easy to carry
3. Can be used to pack Tea, Coffee, Soups, etc.

How many Disposable Tea Flask do I have to buy?

The minimum order requirement for plain Disposable Chai Flask is 1000 pieces but we can do 500 pieces for the first order for an additional fee when the production schedule allows.